Frequently Asked Questions

We use different descriptors, You can see your order email invoice an update which informs you of the payment descriptor, If you have any questions please contact us.


 Has my order been shipped yet?

All orders will receive email updates in all stages of the order process we have a four stage process as listed below:
1. Pending – Your order has been Received and is now waiting to be processed.
2. Payment Received- The funds have now been received.
3. Awaiting Shipment – Your order has now been prepared and is waiting to be dispatched.
4. Complete – Your order has now been shipped and will be trackable.

 If your payment was not successful you will get the payment Failed status?
If you have not yet received any emails then please check your junk mailbox as some emails can be directed there. You may also log into your account and see the status of your order at any time. 

What are my payment options?
We currently accept MasterCards, Visa & Maestro credit & debit cards and process orders up to a value of $5000.00.  

Why is my payment Failed?
Please be sure to add the correct shipping/billing address that your card is registered to or your payment will automatically be declined by our payment processors, If your purchase is international then please note that some credit & debit cards are set up for domestic use only and will not allow international transactions, however in most cases you can call your card issuer and authorize the payment.

How long will my order take to arrive?
Orders  within the US are posted for next day delivery and orders outside US average shipping time is 3 -to- 7 business days  However, you can check our Shipping and Delivery page for more detailed information.

Do you offer Express Shipping?
Yes, we offer express shipping method at checkout. 
 How much can I order from you?
We have the facility to supply orders from stipulated minimum orders (sample amounts) up to multiple quantities, Please Contact Us for a quote. 
 Do you accept Paypal?
yes  we accept Paypal payments sent under friends and family and not goods and services because  it is against Paypal’s terms and conditions to take payment for Research Chemicals.

Do you supply free samples?
No, we do not supply free samples, there is a sample amount for sale on the website and very reasonably priced. 
 I ordered the wrong item can I return it or have a refund?
NO, due to the nature of the business all sales are final, you have from the time of purchase to the time of dispatch to cancel or amend your order. no exceptions

Is your company legit?
The answer is yes we are 100% legitimate, You can find reviews and rating left by previous customers on each product they are easy enough to come by. 

How will my order be packaged?
All orders are packaged very discreetly in padded envelopes with zip-sealed sachets inside, no mention of products names or the website name on the outside of the packages.
 How can you guarantee my order will arrive at my address?
 If your order does not arrive we will simply reship it free of charge after 7 business days, However, we will only allow 1 free reship. 
 Can you call the mail service and see why my order has  been delayed?
No, we will not call or chase up orders until the 7 business day period has passed. We will then reship the order after 7 business days if it’s not arrived and then file a claim for the lost package 

 Do I get a tracking number with my order?

Yes, all orders are supplied with a tracking number unless you select the no tracking/no insurance option. 

Do you have a product that’s not listed on your website?
We can source most products in bulk quantity, If there is a product you are interested in you can contact us for a quote and we can source that for you.
 My order has not arrived within 7 business days, can I have a refund instead of a reship?
yes, you have the choice of a refund, but we are good enough to offer 1 free reship which is more than some vendors offer – a refund is done if requested  
 I have seen prices cheaper than yours on another website, will you price match?
Yes as long as the website is a trusted, reputable UK vendor, However, we do not match one-off discount codes. 
 I am a regular customer can I have a discount?
No, we will decide when we offer discounts and normally you will be notified by email or we will be displaying banners throughout our website so be sure to make an account to take advantage of all discounts and offers.